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Introduction to the production process of metal badge?

Introduction to the production process of metal badge

As a metal badge manufacturer, we have the obligation to tell you some basic production processes. When the metal badge isselected, we should understand the production process. The process is almost t...

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What are the techniques of metal crafts in China?

What are the techniques of metal crafts in China

The process depends on the material, shape, structure and decoration of the product, which can be roughly divided into. @) hotprocessing proceses such as melting and casting, calcination, baking and w...

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China's metal crafts?

China's metal crafts

Selon les materiaux, lartisanat metallique chinois peut tre divise en or, argent, bronze (y compris le cuivre antique, bronze tacheteetc.), etain, peinture en fer, etc. ll est divise en trois categori...

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China's earliest metal crafts?

China's earliest metal crafts

the ear iest meta handicrafts in China are copper handicrats unearthed from the sites of Maiavao cu ture Dawenkou Cuture and ateiQiaojia culture in the middle Neolithic age. Gold handicrafts appeared ...

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Characteristics of metal crafts?

Characteristics of metal crafts

Metal technology is the science of combining and shaping metals for specific purposes.Metal art is a science based on this.ltsproducts may not have specific functions, but they can be pleasing to the ...

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